• Strategy & Concept
  • Design & Detail
  • Roll-out & Production

Physical and digital mediums of brand communication require special strategies and specific cues in order for them to be successful. Both need to serve as functional spaces that result in the consumer taking the desired action or adopting a specific behavioural change. On top of this functional prerequisite, brand needs to seamlessly fit and flourish – moreover, the brand DNA must be intrinsically woven into every strategic and creative design concept.

Our involvement in any design project evolves from the initial strategic analysis and conceptual design and extends through to implementation and final handover. Our promise is to provide clients with responsible design and strategic solutions that answer budget, brief and creative challenges with a backbone of real-world practicality and methodical application - making great concepts into even greater implementations and tangible experiences.

Concept creation is about understanding trends and outputting tangible creativity. Smart and responsible design starts with concise thinking and planning, commencing from the conceptual phase, and is always budget-realistic and true to the brand. Client consultation, understanding and involvement is so crucial at every phase of the project, especially at onset.

Our global knowledge and experience in creating brands, designed environments and digital experiences includes a very strong retail component. On the brand interior design front, we work on projects encompassing everything from boutique store concepts; to national retailer multi-store kit-of-part rollouts; to producing specifications for international brand store designs to allow local manufacture; as well as design for export from South Africa into Africa.

A design concept with site specific detailing ensures brand consistency without being "cookie cutter". Africa is not about once-off boutique store design, but rather about feasible designs and solutions that allow for multiple space applications. Most importantly, it’s about getting the systems, communications and structures in place to see a project implement as seamlessly as possible, by realistically drawing on available and assigned resources.

Our environmental, experiential, digital and design projects are on-brand and up-to-date with international trends (be they from technology, fashion, pop culture or eclectic elements) and our motto is to design smart, not just pretty – design that is developed from concise thinking and planning. 2D design, 3D design and digital projects are taken from the conceptual phase into the detailing phase: “how could this be executed most effectively, at what cost, in what componentry and on what platforms could one bring this concept into being best?”

So you've approved a smart concept, the design, detailing and planning of the project is complete… Next: manufacture, development, logistics and implementation. Design Tact works with a versatile network of industry specialist partners to create a supply chain with all the links any project requires to reach completion. Principles of Value-versus-Cost-Engineering are continually weighed up when planning the operational supply chain for freighting and / or exporting of materials and shopfitting, running print production or deploying an online campaign.

Projects are planned, managed and executed successfully locally, nationally or abroad in a fashion that makes sense for and is accessible to every client. Digitally speaking, Design Tact spearheads all projects with seasoned development teams in the industry to ensure the highest standard of design and development execution, intact with all the latest and best technological plug-ins across social media, web and mobile platforms and online advertising networks.

We work with a preferred and proven network when managing your print production jobs for 2D and graphic design work. A good turnaround time and print quality are two key aspects that we do not compromise on for our clients.