Part of Shell South Africa’s strategy to increase local presence and National footprint is to allow privately owned sites to sell Shell products, fuel and services only if their Forecourt Expression is a typically branded and complies with the Shell Forecourt protocol. The Client had several sites across South Africa and wanted to develop and Brand his Convenience Offering. 

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South African local strategy  |  Retail concept development and origination
Creative visualisation and expression  |  Local engineering working drawings for manufacture
Site application CAD drawing sets  |  Procurement
Full project management services on site


The Client wanted a differentiated offering and a non-typcal Convenience Offering. The Retail Concept followed a series of processes and methodologies and together with the Client we developed a Retail Strategy and Brand Language that was supported by a strong Brand Essence and Values. Once these Brand Archi-types were in place, the creative applications that followed supported and confirmed the above ensuring a strong visual language and points of difference.

The Retail Design Model included several stratification types and included a Partner Retailer Application. This Model ensured the collaboration and integration of a secondary Retailer and how the two Retail Experiences can exist and benefit form each other.