Footgear is a mass-market sports and lifestyle shoe retailer in South Africa. This gem of a retailer has positioned themselves as a value offering across the lower to mid income groups. The Brand strategy is all about choice, branded goods and volume. Traditionally the retail model consisted of large format stores, industrial shelving and a team of enthusiastic staff that sells genuine branded footwear apparel to aspiring customers in both sport and general lifestyle needs. This shopping destination is for the entire family: kids, adults and teens.

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The initial idea was to simplify and personify. Give the brand a look that was aspirational, contemporary and sophisticated but without losing the edge of the target audience. Provide the customer with an easy-going and logical layout with a simple layering of branding and communication. These stores will still be industrial and treated as such with metal shelving and plinth type bulk displays but with a logic and rationale behind it. Understand the operation challenges yet still make the product presentable and merchandised in association to gender, genre and application.