Nedbank is one of South Africa’s ‘Big Four’ Banks and has operations in several countries. PJ Du Toit (whilst at Enterprise IG) was involved in multiple projects, including the transformation of Nedbank's image from that of an exclusive Euro-centric bank, to one that is relevant and accessible to the evolving South African demographic.

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The banking and financial environment was evolving to be driven by a fresh outlook in customer service and branch banking. Part of the brief was to communicate the brand’s standpoint of ecological environments which was now crucial in its alignment with environmental sustainability. The other key requirement of the brief was to conceptualise a design that could be stratified and adapted from a premium environment to the mass market, which brought a massive opportunity for the brand in terms of growth, presence and audience.


The fresh, rejuvenated look appeals to a younger consumer group, with more focus on lifestyle in visual communications, and positions Nedbank as the enabler and provider of stability and prosperity to the economically emergent. The ‘Kit of Parts’ approach serves a modular design ethos which was carried through into national roll-out and fabrication. Through this process it was possible to proceed into a strict cost reduction methodology and assist the client to save over the entire roll-out phase.