Whilst PJ du Toit was at Enterprise IG, a brief was given to create a convenience offering within the petrol station locale that was set apart from the rest in its offering, appeal and appearance. Sasol Delight offers a full bakery component and delicatessen, restrooms accessible from within and paraplegic amenities as well as providing all local and select imported magazines and newspapers. Delight - a place of security and refuge for road travellers, delivers a 24-hour cash machine and information station in-store with an AA hotline and a local area map. The design challenge was to meet the aspirations of Sasol’s pay-off line “Reaching New Frontiers”, as well as to apply the design language in form, shape and temperament that aspires to a leading and memorable customer experience.

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SASOL Exterior
Sasol Shopfront

The shop-front is angled at 5° to reduce reflection and enable the consumer full usual access to the shop. Visual order is achieved by applying a layered approach; housing the charcoal, wood and gas merchandise in versatile columns either side of the facade. The bright yellow wing canopy jutting out from inside, at an extraordinary height, is highly visible and welcomingly draws the customer within. Inside, the point-of-sale is a bold stainless steel sculpture, secure and prominent. All the interior components are over-scaled and simple, adopting the circular molecular Sasol design devices, from the porthole newspaper rack to the large 1200x1200 ceiling tiles. The introduction of wood – as seen in the large bread gondola and bakery offering - and large lifestyle posters leads to a warmer, friendlier character of the store.

SASOL Interior bakery and convenience

As part of the total Sasol experience, the Sasol Delight convenience store was designed to be incorporated into the forecourt as well as being a stand-alone shopping locale. Customers are able to have a quick, served sit down coffee and snack in a contemporary coffee shop type setting. The simplicity of design allows both an easily distinguishable landmark to travelers and a visually quiet zone better sheltered from traffic and noise.