Wordsworth Books are an emerging retailer in the books, gifting and craft category who have great ambition to set themselves as a niche offering to well-read individuals seeking specific authors and releases. They don’t see themselves or classify their offering as mainstream, but rather specific to the needs to a certain customer type requiring a more intimate and personal experience. The store design had to provide that classic ‘corner book store’ feel although within a relevant and practical retail environment suited for high-density foot-traffic and Mall type trade.


The design offers modular shelving systems and standard retail principals to allow for full flexibility and adaptability. The design provides for high stock densities on the floor space and full height wall display areas. The floor units combine casual seating opportunities and flat-tiered merchandising levels to promote latest releases or campaign type displays.


The tone of the store design is dark to promote a more intimate setting and atmosphere. This allows the retailer to adjust and focus key track-lighting systems on focal displays and areas of the store. All lighting requirements are LED driven and Design Tact designed all lighting features and systems. Overall this retailer is becoming a contender to more established brands within the book category and certainly offering customers a valued shopping and browsing experience with variety and specialized in-store knowledge and planet of opportunities for the discerning reader and collector.